Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday, 02/10/14 Sourdough Snowshoe Photos

A few photos taken by Amelia Tanttila, who was photo/video documenting the Sourdough Snowshoe Race last month.

Seconds into the race

Kendrick (in green) going out too fast ;)

Geoff Roes back to racing

Yet another Tony impersonator.  I almost said something, but I know the response "yeah, I have heard of Anton, but I have had this look since before I knew who he was and it is just coincidence that I wear all the same clothes (or lack thereof), shoes and drive a white pickup with a cap"

I look horrible here in my unflattering shirt, 1991 tights and deformed fun house fat mirror face.

Charlie Nowacki (11.5 miler winner)

Me chasing (I think)

Love this shot of Joe Grant and I.  Was glad to have the hooded shirt, as the Atlas Race snowshoes really flick a good rooster tail.


Charlie winning.

My good buddy (and RD) Kevin Lund

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  1. No argument here about going out too fast. I probably should have ran a little before to get an idea of the effort required.

    Oh, is the TK look-alike/impersonator the one that I keep hearing about from Leadville this past year? I saw him in Trident once and could have swore it was TK.