Monday, April 21, 2014

Saturday, 04/12/14 Moab

Allison and I got a few days away to ourselves in Moab, always a great Spring ritual.  We got in a little hiking, a little running, some fun, easy, non committal scrambling/canyoneering and a lot of eating.

A short shakeout hike before dinner on our first evening in town.

Somebody had a rough descent off of Lion's Back (now closed to vehicles).

Everything was in full bloom.

Descending the Lathrop Trail in Canyonlands

Crazy color setting on the camera, adds a little zip to the desert landscape (yeah, I went a little crazy with it)

Mesa Arch in Canyonlands (way better at sunrise)

Arches National Park, Fiery Furnace scrambling.  We lucked out and got the required permit (issued in limited numbers), but if I had to do it over again, I would sign up for the ranger guided tour.  We scoffed at this idea initially, knowing we would hate being chaperoned with 25 tourists,  but I think it would be helpful to at least become familiar with the area, mainly for the sake of efficiency.  The terrain here can be a little confusing and technical, but adding to the navigational challenges are the strict rules of staying on rock or in drainages to preserve the sensitive soils, plants, etc...  We did not get many miles in, but instead did a lot of short out/backs, loops and up/down (basically aimless wandering).

Tight squeeze.

His/her Bushidos were perfect for this terrain.  They stick to sandstone like glue.

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