Thursday, June 26, 2008

Green Mountain

5 miles
2,400 vertical
35:53 up/22 down
Standard route

Got out of bed today and felt a bit creaky (I am 37 now afterall….). My back has been a bit stiff from humping heavy boxes all over the place preparing for the move, then I sat in one of our patio chairs to eat dinner and it broke, tweaking it a bit more. Crazy how something stupid around the house can potentially mess up your running or well being, like when I fell down the basement stairs and tweaked my ankle last summer, Kraig risking it all playing mini golf, or a collapsing yard chair.

Started up the trail a bit later than I had hoped and was a bit hurried by wanting to get to work by 8. I overall felt lousy as I warmed up my tired muscles through the upper part of Chautauqua. I was listening to my mp3 player and was eager for the line up of Endurance Planet episodes I had queued up.

I was hoping to go a bit faster than I did the past few days, but was not really committed to going too hard. I felt better and better the higher I went, but was paying more attention to the earphones than looking at my watch and subsequent pace. I went somewhat hard, but never felt as though I was extending myself, just really flowing well. I did crank it up through the new section, as it is my favorite section of trail to run, going up and down as it really is ideal for going fast.

Made the summit in 35:53, a few minutes off PR, but I was pretty happy with that considering the lack of commitment today. Went down in 22ish, and as George likes to say, the super computer was kicking in as my feet could do no wrong and my coordination was spot on.

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