Friday, June 27, 2008

Green Mountain

5 miles
2,400 vert
37:18 up/25 down

Day 4 in a row on Green, I just don't get sick of it for some reason. It is so quiet and peaceful. The trail is a good gradient and offers a good bit of variation and some fun views along the way.

Went moderate today, never pushed at all, but never really slacked either, just kept it steady. Felt good from the first step and felt better with each step up, felt like I could have really poured it on this morning, especially on the upper half, but refrained. Near Saddle Rock, I passed an older gentleman who I have seen many times in the past few weeks, probably in his 60's. He was moving pretty quick and it took me a little longer to pass than I anticipated. On the way down, he was already at the last wooden step before the final switchbacks. Pretty amazing, I sure hope I can stay that fit and active at that age.

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