Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fairview Track

5 miles
0 vertical

After months of idle threats, I finally got to the track this morning for a good "speed" session (speedy for me).

I biked in from home, 7.25 miles at a casual pace which served as a good warmup. Warmed up on my feet for 2 laps easy, then did an 800 in 2:42 (1:17 at 400). I felt blown and discouraged, so I jogged around the field to find a place to pee and of course a truck of construction workers pull up as soon as I start the flow. A quick stop and casual trot makes it look as if I am just jogging around.

Back to the track, another slow lap, then I try for a mile. 1:22 on the first lap, 2:43 for 2, 4:12 at 3 laps then 5:32 for 4 laps.

I do a cooldown lap, then run a 2:40 800, cool down for another lap, then do another mile. 1:29?, 2:40, ?? for the 3rd then 5:39 for the mile. Not great, but better than I was last year.

Cooled down for a lap, then ran a 1:17 lap.

I find that I can't go much faster for 1 lap than I can for multiple, I just seem to have one gear.

I quit here, as my knee was talking to me a bit, which is the first time in months.

Ended up getting in 30 miles on the bike today.

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