Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In Memorium of Scooby

My great climbing friend Dave had the terrible misfortune of having his dog Scooby run away due to being scared of home fireworks on the 4th. They found Scooby the next day dead on the side of I-25 in Monument.

Scooby was an 11 year old Border Collie and he, along with his brother Shep were 2 of the best dogs one would ever have the pleasure of meeting. Along with Sierra, these 3 dogs were an awesome team of happy doggy pals in the mountains and shared countless adventures together over the years. Scooby had climbed something like 50 unique Colorado 14ers and many other peaks. If you count repeats, Scooby probably had something close to 200 14er ascents. An amazing dog.

I put together a collection of my favorite pictures of Scooby and his friends over the past 3 years that I have known him. He will be missed greatly and leave an unfillable void.

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  1. it pains me to read this - how horribly sad. Given how dogs love us in truly an unconditional way, it hurts a lot to hear of someone going through that loss.