Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday, 8/07/08 Green Mountain

7 miles
2,500 vertical

Got out with Allison and Sierra today for a casual trip up Green. It was surprisingly cool and we had a great time. Toward the top, Allison really cranked it up and I let her go as I was adhering to my promise of taking an easy day, so I hung back with Sierra. I swear she could do a 3:35 or 3:40 on Pikes tomorrow, she just does not believe me. If she actually trained, I would bet money she could get under 3:20. Perhaps I can convince her next year??

Legs felt expectedly heavy, but not terrible, just how I would expect from two hard efforts this week at 14k. Tomorrow I will take an easy run, or maybe even ride the bike. Saturday I am hoping to get in 45-60 minutes of intensity up high with Jason, then it is all taper time with a few short runs and hopefully a few quick laps around the track on Monday or Tues.

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