Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday, 9/09/08 Bear Peak

6 miles
2,800 vertical
40:34 up
22:39 down
1:03:13 RT

Have not done this route in quite a while. Started off feeling like total crap and wanted to bail, but I just chugged along and stuck with it. I felt warmed up after 5 or 6 minutes, but was not feeling top notch, but I was moving OK I guess. I realized that a large lunch less than an hour before the run was really bogging me down. I was not expecting to set any records, but wanted to go up in under 40. I just missed it and topped out at 40:34, completing the final 1,000 feet from the saddle in 12 minutes. For some odd reason, I felt compelled to time my descent, 8 to the saddle, 15 to base of slab and 22:39 total on the down, for sure my fastest descent without snow. I was 3 minutes slower on the up than PR, but since my downhill was faster, I think I PRed on the RT by a handful of seconds.

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