Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday, 10/19/08 S. Boulder Peak, Bear Peak (Bill Loop)

10 miles
3,500 vertical

Got out with Dave (Mackey) this morning for a great run over S. Boulder and Bear starting at the S. Mesa TH. It was a perfect day, warm, sunny, calm and the foliage is in full swing. Neither of us were really in the mood to go hard, so we just went at a casual and conversational pace, talking about all kinds of topics and having many good laughs. We got to the base of Shadow in 22, then 23 more to the saddle and we topped out in 52ish. Dave showed me a new route through the summit rocks that is more direct and might save 5-10 seconds next run.

We took it easy over to Bear, rolled over the top with hardly a pause, then went surprisingly casual down Fern (I was fearing he was going to dust me here). Both Dave and I ran into seperate friends along the way and stopped briefly to exchange pleasantries. We headed back S, on the Mesa trail, then down the Bluewhatever trail back to S. Mesa TH after 1:51 total.

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