Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday, 11/09/08 Bear Peak/Green Mountain

~13 miles
~4,400 vertical

This morning was awesome, sunny, warm and calm and I was enthusiastic to get out for a few local peaks. I enjoyed yesterday's outing up Bear via Bear Canyon/West Ridge from NCAR so much, I could not resist heading up there again today, just a little faster this time. I went on the easy side of moderate most of the way, pushing myself occasionally to mid moderate exertion every now and then, making the summit in an hour even. From here, I debated going over to S. Boulder or going to Green, or doing them both. Since I did not bring food or water, I opted to compromise and zip over to Green as to not totally deplete myself. I was a bit sloppy on the technical downhill back to the West ridge for some reason and fumbled a few times but never fell, it was just one of those 2 left foot days. Made it to the jct. in 1:18:??, then plugged along up Green to the 4-way and then on to the summit. Topped out on Green in 1:34:5?, turned tail at 1:35 even and then dawdled my way back down Bear Canyon and over the rollers to NCAR, arriving back there after 2:14 of running. Another excellent day in the foothills.

Splits from NCAR:

6:?? Mesa Trail
13:50 Start of Bear Canyon trail
35 W. Ridge Jct.
1:00 Bear Summit
1:18 Back to W. Ridge Jct.
1:34:5? Green
1:44 W. Ridge Jct.
2:14 Back to NCAR

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