Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday, 11/10/08 Speed hiking Sanitas

2.75 miles
1,200 vertical

Sierra and I got out for a short walk up Sanitas today from the East side or the "Hawthorne" TH as we call it. We started off at a casual walk for the first 2 minutes and 37 seconds, until I saw a guy running high up the trail ahead. This of course sparked my competetive urges and I was itching to haul ass. I contemplated running, but I am trying to take some time off from running, yet still maintain decent fitness and have fun (we'll see how that really works). I upped my walking pace and nearly caught him as the canyon ended at the main trail, but unfortunately, he passed on the challenge and went left instead of up and right.

It was hard to draw the line between running and hiking fast, but I was able to keep one foot on the ground at any given time. I got surprisingly sore as I tried to go fast up the hill, my lower back and various leg muscles that were being used in a different way were noticibly taxed and I was kind of surprised by this, as I am not really out of hiking shape. As I went up, I started to think about going under 20 minutes, but I think I blew it with the casual start. I topped out in 21:49 which I was satisfied with (I think next time I can take it under 20 with a bit more resolve and focus).

My next goal was to try and get down as quickly as I went up without running a step. Sounds easy, but I knew it would be close for me. Again, the line between running and walking was tough to maintain, especially on the steeper upper sections where it is instinctive to hop, leap and bound. I made it down (walking every step) in a surprising 17:30, although I looked like one of those goofs walking laps around mall.

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