Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday, 11/11/08 Sanitas Speed Walk Part Deux

3 miles
1,300 vertical

After walking Sanitas yesterday, I was curious if I could go faster and still be able to do it on the standard S. Ridge route which is a bit longer and has a little more vertical than the East route I hiked yesterday. For added motivation, I was to meet Sierra and Allison on the trail somewhere, so I was cranking pretty good and walking seemed quite efficient.

On a few of the flatter sections, it was REALLY tough to keep my cool and remain at a walk, but I diligently persisted, taking long fast strides. My time checks were decent and for the entire second half, I was sure I could go under 20. I was happy to get in at 19:29, which was more than 2 minutes faster than the previous day. I bumped into Allison and Sierra near the top and we casually walked down together. I felt especially great today.

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