Monday, February 2, 2009

January Wrap Up

After a busier than average December, I decided to take January somewhat easy and not focus on pounding up/down the same old peaks day in/day out. I never pushed too hard at all this month and all the easy activity has me itching to start "training" again soon and begin my build up to some speed and fitness this year.

I got in some surprisingly good bike rides during a week long stretch of 60-70+ degree weather, went skiing at Winter Park and got in some great winter peaks. I have even got in a few flat runs in the past few days. I'm not at all fast, but am already sensing progress and feel that it will be a benefit in the long run to "learn to run" so to speak.

January Stats:
  • 126.9 Miles (on foot)
  • 47,730 Vertical Feet climbed (on foot)
  • 134 Miles Biked including 3,800 vertical up Mt. Evans
  • 9 Fourteeners (Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, Bross, Quandary, Elbert, Evans, Torreys and Grays).
  • 1 13er (Parnassus).
  • 1 12er (Woods).
  • 2 Trips up Sanitas, 1 trip up Green, 6 trips up Bear, 3 trips up S. Boulder.
  • 1 day skiing at Winter Park.


  1. An easy month is 9 14ers ...

  2. I scaled the bar stool at Walnut Brewery at least nine times.

    After Red Hot, I'm up for tagging along behind you and Allison on some climbs.

    Sorry I missed Saturday but I needed some solid running.

    Free this week for some runs.
    Let me know.