Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday, 02/03/09 Boulder Skyline Traverse

16 miles
6,250 vertical

Tim and I had a great run today, starting at the S. Mesa TH, over S. Boulder Peak, Bear, Green, Flag and then Sanitas. We generally went pretty easy, but bumped it up to moderate at times. There was a good bit of ice in places that required some caution as Tim had no foot traction and my studs are completely worn out. Tim did an amazing job keeping it upright on the ice, we were going fast in a few spots and he cruised it like a champ. Sanitas was of course a sting in the tail. I went fairly hard, hoping to beat my personal best from 2005, thinking it was 3:3?, I made the summit in 20:15 which ended up being a total of 3:28, but after doing a bit of research, my previous best was 3:27 in May of 2005 (although I waited for the dog a lot on that day). Oh well, better luck next time.... ;)

Great day out, it was fun to run with Tim and it was nice and warm, maybe 60's down low in the sun?

Rough Splits:
SBP 1:02?
Bear 1:20?
Bear Canyon Jct 1:44
Green 2:02
Start Sanitas 3:07:55
Sanitas Summit: 3:28:10


  1. Just add 5 mins onto those splits and 9 mins onto Sanitas summit. I was like an anchor chained to your feet. Thanks for making me not sound like an old lady out there...!

  2. Well, one car and a house on wheels of sorts.

    When I said add those times onto the splits I meant that those were my times. The boy was picnicking on top of Sanitas when I finally stumbled to the summit pole, nearly falling over the other side and rolling down into Boulder.

  3. yeah, he has done that to me too dagnabit.

  4. I wanna try this but I need a route map! Oh, and maybe some new legs.

  5. George, can't ever remember doing that to you....

    Brandon, you could do it no problem, it is so fun and goes by quickly. Just print an OSMP map and have your wife drop you off. When in doubt, stay high.

  6. Just found your blog.

    Sweet picture.

    Interesting reading your experiences.

    Keep up the good work.