Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tuesday, 02/10/09 Green Mountain

8 miles
2,600 vert.

Got out for a sweet run this afternoon up Green Mountain. Started from the Bear Creek TH, up to Mesa, then Bear Canyon and eventually to summit of Green. It was sunny, warmish and I was very thankful and conscious of the fact that there was no wind. I went on the easy side of moderate, trying to let my week old IT band knee injury heal, which seemed to work well, along with picking a gradual trail, as I did not feel it at all. There were several stretches of glare ice in the canyon, but they could easily be negotiated with some careful rock hopping and tip toeing.

I was just lost in my own little world, cruising the trail, listening to Competitors podcasts on my MP3 player, completely enjoying the day. I seemed to time my run just right, it is now getting cold and looks like it could snow any minute. Took it very easy on the descent, walking the icy sections as to not risk a fall.

57 up/49 down

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