Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday, 5/23/09 S. Boulder/Bear

Got out with Dave this morning for a run up S. Boulder/Bear. We jogged conversation pace up to the mouth of Shadow from S. Mesa (22 even I think at the trail jct. sign), then 22:44 for me up the canyon, made the summit at 50 and change (don't remember the exact time). At the bottom of the canyon, Dave told me to go ahead if I wanted. I upped the effort and immidiately got a good gap and was a bit surprised, he either stopped to pee or was just toying with me. Eventually he reeled me back in a bit before the saddle and cruised on past, putting 30-40 seconds on me by the summit. We then headed to Bear (where I stashed by bottle before it got steep), made the summit at 1hr even, then I had to backtrack to get my bottle, as Dave wanted to descend via W. Ridge/Bear Canyon. We took it anywhere from moderate to easy on the way down, shooting the breeze the entire way. Cruised our way back on the Mesa Trail, finished in 2:11.

It was a great day and good to get out with Dave. I actually felt pretty good today despite being over a minute off my best through Shadow Canyon and 5 minutes off PR at the top (though we were taking it casual on the approach). My legs felt reasonably good, lungs a little less good and my lower back was killing from stooping over, always seems to happen on this section of trail and rarely at other times on other trails. Dave and I are planning on a regular weekly time trial up a peak which should hurt like crazy, but build good fitness.

TT #1, Green Mountain, Thursday, 5/28/09, 5pm Chautauqua Park. All are welcome.

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  1. I gotta do the TT some week. But I am leaving at 4:30. Then just as I summit, I will turn the camera and show JV and DM come huffing up behind me. "Better luck next time, boys". Think anyone will fall for it?