Monday, July 6, 2009

7/06/09 Green Mountain

A few whacky happenings.... A drunk couple swearing at each other at the Gregory TH, topped off by her puking after he spun her around. Class. Then a dufus coming down Amphitheater with hiking poles started through a 10 foot long narrow section I was already in, I yielded (though I was running up), as he proceded to edge me out with his offensive poles. He then proceeded to inform me that I have to yield to downhill traffic. I politely let him know he was wrong, unless it was a race, where downhill has the right of way. The remainder of the people I saw the rest of the trip seemed as though they were a few sandwiches short of a picnic. Had me wondering if it was a full moon or something. Sure enough, tomorrow is the full moon, so I am sure there is a correlation. Almost landed on a large bull snake on the descent. I pulled some fancy aerial maneuvers to no land on it as I thought it was a rattler at first glance. I screamed like a girl, stopped, then watched it for a while.

Oh yeah, the run. Super easy on the up, casual on the down. The foot is starting to feel a bit better in general, but a misplaced landing can send me hopping.

38 UP
1:03 RT

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  1. That is nice and all Jeff, but will Lance win le Tour??