Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday, 7/5/09 Green Mountain

Jogged up Gregory/Ranger at a moderate pace , saw my first Columbines ever in the Boulder area, just past the Greenman/Ranger jct. on the right. It has been a wet spring/summer indeed!

Descended the usual front side for efficiency, going super easy as to not aggravate my foot. Did not see another person the entire run, except for one frumpy lady back at the Gregory TH who looked at me like I just escaped from prison after I offered up a cheerful "good morning" (got no response). 39:44 up, 1:07 RT, made it to work just a few minutes past 7am.

As an aside, I noticed that Baseline road was lined with signs and orange fencing from below Chautauqua to at least the Gregory TH. The signs read "Special Event, No Parking July 4th from 3pm to 11pm, violators will be towed at owners expense" or something to that effect. All I can think of is fireworks, but aren't those usually at Folsom Field? Perhaps a race I did not hear about? Or just the powers that be, putting limits on 4th of July fun???


  1. They always bolt down the parking there on the 4th. Not sure why.