Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Monday, 8/10/2009

Went to see Jeremy for my 1 month follow up x-ray. He said that my break looks to be healing right on track and said that I could ride the road bike if I am careful to not have any mishaps (i.e. something to cause me to have to come down on my foot hard). I'm not at all worried about that scenario however, as the inherent nature of cycling is risky enough as it is and many worse things could happen. Best to not dwell on the potential downsides, just ride safe a possible, wear a helmet etc....

I am out of the big Aircast boot and now wearing a much more comfortable rocker shoe with a nice stiff sole for the next two weeks. It looks very "rehab" and silly, with the two velcro straps, but is a huge upgrade over the hot and unwieldy Aircast.

After August 24th, I will try hiking with a stiff hiking boot and see how that goes, but that is subject to delay depending on how I feel. Jeremy says I should be fully healed after 8 weeks and can most likely start running, but since I am not training for anything, I may just delay that a bit and be content with hiking/biking as to take no chances.

Evening road ride:

22 miles

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  1. JV_ Glad to hear that the master has given his blessing on your foot and you can get out and get some workouts.