Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday, 8/16/09 SuperFlag

28 miles

Headed out after work on the road bike for a quick trip up SuperFlag.

Felt better than I have, especially the foot and was eager to see how it felt in climbing mode. Much to my surprise, it felt very good, almost imperceptable. My limiting factor tonight was simple lack of fitness or specific training. Made it to the turn in 17 from the bridge, then 32:56 to the top. Far from impressive, but a little better than I anticipated, so I was happy with that. 1:03 from the house to the top, then 35 back.

Oh, this blog is back to it's original name, UpHill Adventures it is from now on!

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  1. Good stuff, good photos and good to hear you are quickly on the mend.