Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday, 10/06/09 Green Mountain

Met Brandon for Green today at 4:45 and ran up Gregory/Ranger and back down the front side short route. Started off moderate to easyish and after 12 minutes, Brandon encouraged me to go ahead, as he was not feeling super. I bumped it up a notch or two and was glad to find that my foot was feeling pretty good, but I was feeling a little crappy from not having run in a week, or more than a few times in the past few months, not to mention the bagels, donuts and cheesy pasta I ate today.

Despite all this, the trail was passing by reasonably quickly and I topped out in a surprising 37:56, only two minutes off PR. I made a u-turn to meet Brandon and he was not far back and moving well.

Up in 37:56
Down in 27

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  1. Damn it. "Started moderate to easyish" -- I was burning it up. Oh well. I am gonna start leaving 10 minutes before you and see if you catch me by the top.