Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday, 11/20/09 Sanitas x 2

6.5 miles
2,600 vertical

20:08 Ascent 1
18:58 Ascent 2

Met Brandon today for two laps on Sanitas. The plan was for me to pace him to a sub-20 ascent, we came really close, I had him at 20:08 by the time he tagged the pole, which I think tied his PR, or was within seconds of it one way or the other. I think we went a bit to fast over the first steep section, hard to tell for sure. Good effort though, especially so soon after his 40 minute 10k PR.

We went pretty conservative down (19:45) the East side which was a bit icy near the top and very muddy down lower, taking no chances of a repeat performance of yesterday.

For lap two, I started off pretty moderate, then bumped into Adam Massey who was preparing to do some bouldering, so I stopped to chat with him for a bit. I then chased down Brandon who had got ahead and stuck on his heels for a while. I gradually upped the pace and made the top in 18:58. Brandon was not far back and we spent a few minutes on the summit before a casual descent of the S. Ridge (I did not get the time on the last descent, but I am guessing 17 or 18?). It was a nice, warm, sunny day and was a treat to wear shorts just a week before Thanksgiving.


  1. Thanks for meeting up today. Next time, you need to pretend there is a cougar sighting -- that would really get me moving!

  2. You're killing me with those "stopped to chat" sub-19:00 ascents! The only chatting I'm doing at that pace is the internal monologue about not puking.