Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Saturday, 11/21/09 Burning Bear Peak (12,070)

6 miles
2,575 vertical

Allison, Sierra and I were joined by Pete K, Dave and Emily, Shep and Kiefer for a mellow trip up Burning Bear Peak in(near) Mt. Evans Wilderness. The first ~mile was on trail, then was a fun bushwhack up the ridge to treeline in several inches of snow. I used microspikes as a convenience more than a necessity, but everyone else did just fine without. The dogs had a blast in the snow and the weather was perfect, warm, clear and sunny. For the 10 minutes to the summit from treeline though, the wind was howling and seemed pretty bitter. I toughed it out to the summit, then hid behind some bushes to put on a bunch of layers. Up in ~2.5, down in ~1.5 for a ~4hr RT. Easy pace with lots of breaks.

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