Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tuesday, 11/03/09 Sanitas

Ascent: 18:43
Descent: 14:00

My plan was to warm up on the first section of trail and then go moderate, but as I got to the first trail junction just below the 2nd bridge, my timing could not have been more (less) perfect as I arrived there at the same time as a fit looking runner, going at a decent pace. If at work, I might have paused and said “no, you first”, but I decided to speed my stride and edge onto the now merged trail ahead of him.

Now I have committed myself and I up the pace a bit. I am going too hard for my planned “warm up” and feel as though I am really sucking wind. To make matters worse, this guy is matching me stride for stride. I almost said screw it and let him pass, but my ego would not allow it. We hit the steepest initial steps and I transition from running to long hiking strides, as is normal for about 10 steps in this section and he is now 10 feet behind and falling back a foot or two with every step I take. It is not long before I have him completely out of site, but I keep up the pace as to take no chances. Once I am sure my gap is in minutes, a fade a bit, semi deliberate, but mostly because I started off too fast and I don’t think my body was up for a real push today.

I make the summit in a disappointing 18:43, which seemed outlandish for the effort I was putting into it. My throat was also trashed, there was something about the air quality, dryness, temperature or something that has me hacking up a lung. It felt as though I was sucking on a metallic lozenge and it only got worse through the night, earning me a spot in the guest bedroom (it felt as though I was drowning when I laid down and I would panic myself awake gasping for air).

On the way down, I passed the guy who initially kicked me into gear after I had been descending for 2:30, so I am guessing he ended up being 5-6 minutes back.


  1. A "disappointing" 18:43? Yikes! Well, nothing like a little perceived competition to push you a little harder. Hope the lung stress eases up soon. More days of great weather on the way.


  2. Thanks Jim, the lungs are getting better. Every now and then this happens to me, most likely when I push myself somewhat hard, but not always. I am sure it has something to do with how my lungs react to certain types of air (dry, lots of particulates?), as this only happens once in a while and there are many days I push really hard and don't have it happen.

    My time was only disappointing to me because of my percieved effort, it seemed to me to be harder than when I ran it 2:20 faster last September.