Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday, 11/04/09 Sanitas

After yesterday's hack and wheeze sufferfest, I decided to take it a bit easier today and promised myself that if I saw any competition at the start, I was going to ignore them and go my own pace. Luckily, I saw nobody and started up the trail very casual compared to yesterday, going on the low end of moderate until I got past the first steep section. I then slowly eased up the pace to moderate, then flirted with the high side of moderate over middle and upper section and felt like I was moving pretty well considering the comparable lack of hard effort. My throat felt a world better than yesterday and I never hacked, coughed or spit once. I was surprised to make the top in 18:23, a full 23 seconds faster at a much lower percieved effort. I felt like I could have held conversation most of the way today, whereas the day before, I could hardly remember my name. What a difference a day (and a reasonable start) makes. Went down the East side at a quick, but not too pressed tempo.

Up S. Ridge: 18:23
Down E. Side: 14:51

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  1. You are such a machine at the start of the descent. I lose all my time there.