Monday, January 4, 2010

Saturday, 01/02/10 Green Mountain

Eager to get back into hilly terrain after a week in Virginia visiting family and 2 weeks of generally being sedentary, I coaxed Brandon and Homie into joining me for a trip up Green. I had low expectations, as I had been sick and spent so much time sitting around eating bad food, but figured I would push a little, just to see how all these factors affected me.

Brandon took it out hard on the approach. I was hoping for a casual warm up, but found myself huffing a bit when trying to make conversation. We started up Amphitheater trail with Brandon setting a strong pace, then me, then Homie trailing behind. A few minutes in, Brandon pulled off, saying something like he blew a lung or something. I went ahead, walking the steep sections, running when I could and debated for a while whether or not I should keep pushing ahead, or drop back and chat.

I felt decent and was mostly just happy to be back on home turf, so I continued to up the intensity as I went. Despite the snow, the Microspikes were providing great grip. On the upper 1/3 of the mountain, the footing became less solid in the drifted snow, enough to spin out some and lose efficiency, but still not that much of a problem.

Toward the top, I was sure I would sneak in under 40 and kind of rested on my laurels a bit, but then the watch started getting out of control, so I cranked the last 3 minutes or so, but my complacency bit me in the ass by 24 seconds as I topped out in 40:24. Dang.

My time was not what I had expected given the effort, but I was overall pleased given the conditions and my lack of discipline as of late. Homie rolled in soon after, then Brandon and we all cruised down Ranger/Gregory at a conversational pace.

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  1. Yes! I got a "took it out hard". Nothing worse that running my ass off and getting a "just above moderate" rating.