Monday, January 4, 2010

Sunday, 12/27/09 Virginia

Sunday, 12/27/09
~8 miles
1:15ish (includes a stop at the grocery store)

Got out for a short easy run in Centreville, Va.. while visiting family for the holidays. I attempted to run trails, but the 2 feet of snow they had the week prior, coupled with fluctuating temperatures and rain created a real mess and I found it unpleasant at best to deal with. About 1/3 of the run was on trails, avoiding mud, puddles, patches of ice and loads of dog poop. The remainder of the run was on sidewalks.

This was the only run I managed to fit in during the entire weeklong trip. I would have run every day just to burn calories, but I also got sick, so I was lacking energy, combined with un-inspiring running terrain, it just was not going to happen. Just as well, the break was a good thing. On these trips, I wish I liked running for the sake of running.

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