Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, 02/13/10 2 Laps on Green

After a huge meal the previous night at Ted’s Montana Grill, Brandon and I decided that 2 trips up Green were in order.

The first lap up/down Gregory/Ranger was a bit overcast and breezy near the summit. Trail conditions were great most of the way, except for a few freshly drifted sections, but I made Brandon break trail, so it was no problem.

The pace was mellow on the first ascent and also mellow on the descent (Brandon was gracious enough to wait up on me as I was a bit cautious on the down).

After a short break at the cars, I felt great and was raring to go, especially after changing into lighter shoes and ditching some of my warm clothing, as the sun was now shining bright and warm.

We went mellow to the cabin, then I upped the pace a bit to the summit, feeling enthused to be running up a peak with my HR up, though not moving particularly quick.

Though not fast, I felt full of energy and might have done a 3rd lap if I somehow could have avoided running back down, as the second descent down the steeper front side was a bit tiresome on my un-trained legs.

Great day out, thanks Brandon for the great company and added motivation.

Ascent 1:

Cabin: 20:14
Summit: 47:??
Down: 31:29

Ascent 2:

Cabin: 23:00
Summit: 47:18
Down: 28:48

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