Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, 02/15/10 Green Mountain

Took Sierra up Gregory/Ranger after work. Forgot my Microspikes, but luckily Allison had a pair of Yak Trax in the car which actually worked well in the current conditions.

My pace was fairly casual on the ascent, mostly on the high side of easy, low side of moderate with a bit of waiting on Sierra early on. I upped the pace a little over the last few minutes, but was never feeling all that peppy.

I spent a little longer than normal on the summit, taking in the views and taking a pee. I was just about to start down and noticed that Sierra had found something, a doubled over Tony, who had just ran the ascent up the front side in 32:11. Nice work!!

We ended up jogging down together, cruising at a moderate clip, enjoying good conversation. The ~28 minute descent seemed to pass much quicker. Thanks for the company.


Cabin: 18:36
4-way: 39:11
Summit: 43:09
Descent: ~28? (estimate)

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