Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday, 02/04/10 SuperFlag

28 miles

Awoke to grey skies and a dusting of snow and really held little hope that I would be getting outside much today. Around mid morning, the sun burned through the gloom, melted the snow in about 30 minutes and conditions seemed quite pleasant.

I was itching to get out for a ride, so I dusted off the mountain bike and spent a good 30 minutes getting ready. Once out the door, the riding conditions were quite pleasant as the sun was warm and the roads were dry except for a few spots of melt water.

My pace was solid, but I never really pushed, making it to Chautauqua in around 32 minutes. I knew the climb was going to be a slog on the mountain bike, so I just unzipped my layers, geared down and settled into a steady rhythm. I was quite warm on the ascent and full of energy, but by the time I hit the “Super” part of Flag, my lack of fitness (and lack of lunch) was becoming increasingly apparent.

The summit arrived just before my watch clicked over 46 minutes (45:56 from the bridge), an all time PW (personal worst), running or biking, a full 8 minutes slower than my running PR. To my credit though, the road was sandy and wet, I was on a heavyish knobby tire mountain bike and I am fat and out of shape (excuses excuses).

At the summit, I found a dry patch of ground facing the sun and just relaxed for a while, it was so nice just to be out enjoying the fresh air. I froze on the descent, taking it super careful, as the sand is almost as slick as ice at speed on a bike.

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  1. Personal worst for 28 miles, eh? ;)

    Hey - its FEBRUARY.