Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday, 02/10/10 Green Mountain

48:18 up
36 down

I was down at the Tech Center yesterday and today for a work related class. The class yesterday went until 4:45pm, timed perfect for an epic battle through traffic to get home. I pity those that are "forced" to do such things because of unfortunate circumstances in their life. I couldn't imagine sitting in a car for hours per day, ouch.

Fortunately, today we got ahead of ourselves with our class lessons and got out a good bit earlier than yesterday. The sun was shining bright and hiking/running Green in the fresh snow weighed heavily on my mind. My foot has been feeling better and I had chosen Thursday as my day to get out to give it a little test, but could not resist bumping that up a day with my bonus afternoon.

I zipped home, changed quicker than superman, recruited Sierra to join (not hard to do) and we were out the door.

I started off at a light jog and before long decided to stop and put on my Yak Trax (got a deal on them and figured I would try them, but they were mostly useless today and I regretted not opting for the Microspikes which are far superior). I then stopped for a pee and then stopped to adjust some layers (I overdressed big time). Because of all this and the fact that I was not sure if I was out for a run or a hike, I was having a tough time settling into a good rhythm.

After the second bridge, on the steep section under the powerlines, I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye, turned and noticed it was Tony quickly running me down. He slowed for a short bit, then continued on at his pace (his second trip up Green for the day). I upped my pace so I could try and chat a bit, but was quickly winded trying to talk and decided to back off. No need to push things too soon. He of course glided away, looking very smooth and effortless.

I alternated running/hiking at a moderate pace, mostly dictated by lack of fitness and lack of traction. I did not spend much time on the summit before I cautiously jogged/walked back down. Though conditions were not optimal and I was feeling the month off my feet (and the additional ~5-7lbs), it felt awesome to get out on the trails and breath in some long awaited fresh air. I still can't wipe the grin off my face.

Heading back up tomorrow, can't wait!


  1. Best news I heard from you in a bit!!

  2. Great to see that the foot seems to be on the mend! I hate that uncertainty associated with returning from injury, but be careful with the transition back into running and you'll be back in shape in no time. I considered hanging out on the summit so that we could run down together but I had to boogie to get back to campus for class.