Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday, 02/25/10 Green Mountain, Flagstaff Mountain/Green Mounntain

Got in a bit longer than normal run today with 2 trips up Green, the second involving a trip over Flagstaff.

First Lap: Amphi/Saddle/Greenman

Hoped to feel better than I did and go a little quicker, but was also pacing myself for at least two laps, so I just decided to listen to my body and hang back a bit, just going moderate. The trail was packed nicely (thanks John, Kraig, Tony) and the weather was excellent, temps in the mid 40's, some sun. It just felt good to get out on a "warmish" mid-day. Ran the descent casually quick, made a pitstop at the car and swapped out my wet shirts, hat, gloves, had a bite and a drink.

Ascent: 40:30
Descent: 24
RT: 1:04:30

Second Lap: Flagstaff/Ranger on the up/Greenman/Saddle on the down

I originally intended to do my second lap on the same route, as I normally prefer steep, but I was feeling not so peppy, so I decided to take the longer, but less steep Flagstaff/Ranger route. Trail conditions varied from ice to dry to packed snow to some sloggy sections and I just took it super casual. Once I crossed Flagstaff road for the last time, heading toward the cabin, it started to snow pretty hard, leaving a fresh coating of snow on the trail. I alternated between jogging and powerhiking, totally content to just burn some calories and get a little exercise.

Spent little time on the summit and headed down Greenman/Saddle, avoiding the Amphitheater normal route in favor of continuing down Saddle Rock trail. It took a little longer (~2 minutes?), but it was fun to run a trail that I often overlook.

Flagstaff: 28:30
Last Flag crossing: 33:30
Ranger Hut: 37:??
4 way: 1:03
Summit: 1:08
Finish: 1:33

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