Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wednesday, 02/24/10 Green Mountain

Trail conditions today were excellent on the Gregory/Ranger route. The snow is packed very well, mostly continuous all the way to the summit and the temperature was much warmer than on Monday. It might have even been a touch too warm (not that I am complaining), but I was once again over dressed, anticipating the big chill that never came once the sun dropped and was feeling a little bogged down with heavy shoes, jacket, stuff in the jacket pockets.

The snow was hard packed, but was just the right temperature and consistency to clump up and stick to the bottom of my Microspikes, adding about a pound of extra weight with each step. It felt as though I was "running" much of it on my heels, or dragging each foot plant to scrape it off. Not very efficient, but was a great workout for stretching the achilles. Pace today was moderate for the lower 3/4 and on the high side of moderate or lower end of hard on the upper 1/4.

Sierra was lagging some, as she has been getting up Green/Bear/S. Boulder much more than I have. Time for a doggy rest day on Thursday, while I get in a longer run.


Cabin: 17:45
4-way: 37:28
Summit: 41:23
Down: 25:30

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