Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday, 02/17/10 Green Mountain

Pushed a bit today up the front side (Amphi/Saddle/Greenman). The snow was in perfect condition for microspikes, nice and packed, very little dry ground or rocks. I felt OK all things considered, but struggled a bit near the top, though I am not surprised at all, as it is only February and I have not been training consistantly (or at all) for several months. Took the descent casual, the conditions again were a major treat. Another blanket of snow to maintain already good conditions would be greatly appreciated.


1st jct: 6:45
Scott's 1st overlook: 15:48
Saddle/Greenman jct: 20:48
Summit: 36:29
Descent: 24:58


  1. soooo, what exactly is "Scott's first overlook"? is that where you have to high-step it up the rocks and the view to the north and east opens up? where exactly do you take the split?

  2. I am hearing rumors that some runner dude was up there on Green twice today. At least I saw him in the AM and he was spotted again by my recon in the PM.

    Can't we get a cooler name than "Scott's First Overlook"?

  3. Jeff, you and the others are inspiring me to run Green more. One question, once the conditions turn icy, sharp microspikes are a must. I've noticed that the points on mine are getting pretty dull and rounded. Do you ever sharpen these or how do you deal with dull points on the microspikes in icy conditions?

  4. Tony, yeah, you got the spot correct. I have only taken a split there once in the past, as per GZ's conversation with Scott and your recent link to GZ's report from last May reminded me of it.

    Brandon, since you are considering yourself the Burgermeister of Green (and you are so good at naming/mapping landmarks), I'll let you make the final call. I just like the view from there.

    Koll (Kraig), good bumping into you this morning. Hope you had a good run. If you try shapening those spikes, let me know how it goes.