Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday, 04/05/10 Green Mountain

Yesterday I was a bit grumpy with the slushy and slippery snow that still offered an opportunity for an unexpected post hole or two and plenty of inefficient toe-off and sliding (Gregory/Ranger route).

There is too much intermittent dry ground to bother with Microspikes or Yak Trax (unless you don't mind destroying them or removing them for each section), but it kind of sucks at times without. Today I was more accepting of the conditions and was looking at it from a glass half full perspective, as I am noticing significant improvement each day.

Went mostly easy today, just enjoying the fresh air and Sierra's company. I upped the pace a little over the final 7 or 8 minutes, but the snow was governing my efforts and pace somewhat.

Cabin: 17:35
4 Way: 37:??
Summit: 40:47 (avg HR 152)
Descent: 28:50 (avg HR 120)


  1. Hey Jeff!

    I met you on Green Mt. a few weeks ago, I'm the guy who was in town for the job fair. I'll be in Ft. Collins in 2 weeks, any suggestions for trails around there?


  2. Hey Aaron, I have only passed through Ft. C a few times, so I don't know the area at all. Do you have an interview lined up?