Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saturday, 04/03/10 - Sunday, 04/04/10

Saturday, 04/03/10 Eldo/Walker

~17 miles/4,500 vertical

Met up with Tim and headed over to Eldo. The wind was just cranking and was threatening to steal my motivation, but I was eager to get in a good run. We started off easy, heading into Eldo via the Fowler shortcut. Easy pace, 13:36 to the start of the Eldo Trail. I upped the tempo on the switchbacks a bit and knew my legs were going to feel good for the day. I was rolling along pretty well, not digging at all, just going with a tempo that I knew I could hold for a long time. Made the Walker Loop in 33:46 and went clockwise. The steep stairs are mostly melted, aside from a few steps where caution is mandatory. The remainder of the loop is similar to what it has been for the past month +, lots of dry trail and also some significant stretches of snow. The weather was quite variable, sunny and warm one minute, windy, cloudy and snow squalls the next. I completed the lap in an OK for the conditions and lack of true effort 1:09:40 (avg. HR 159), took a 2 minute break, then started counter clockwise back up the hill to meet with Tim. This RT took 16:17 (avg. HR 144). I felt great and strongly considered another lap, but I was not inspired by the weather and my focus shifted to getting home to catch up on things. We took it pretty casual on the return trip, 38:24 back to the canyon (avg. HR 145) and another 9:54 (hr 132) back to the car, for a total of 3:03:37 with stops and backtracking.

Overall, I felt great on this run and feel as though if the trails were completely dry and the weather was a bit more cooperative, I might have been able to PR on the lollipop. Either way, it gave me great confidence for the upcoming RRR.

Sunday, 04/04/10 Green Mountain

I was feeling yesterday's run in my legs a bit, but the weather was great and I had nothing else going on after work, so Sierra and I headed up Gregory/Ranger. I carried Yak Trax, as I planned to put them on at the cabin, but was lazy and just kept going. The snow was slushy and slick, but I knew there was some dry sections ahead, so I just decided to forego traction altogether, as we were just taking it super easy anyways. Lot's of slipping and sliding going on. Made the cabin in 17:??, the 4-way in 38:?? and the summit in 42:33 (avg. HR 147). Took it cautious on the down, using my skiing skills to the max as I negotiated the slush with Yak Trax in hand. 28 (119 avg. HR) for the descent.

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  1. Dude, I was feeling for you on Saturday with the wind. I've been stuck out on Walker (Crescent Meadows area, specifically) with ridiculous wind before, and it ain't fun.

    What's the plan/itinerary regarding traveling to the Canyon?