Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday, 05/08/10 Green/Bear/S. Boulder/Green

Started up Amphi/Saddle/Greenman.  My legs were not all that peppy and I was a bit slow to warm up, so I just kept the effort low and eased into it, never pushing at all, just gearing low.  I was surprised by the crowds out there today (probably increased by the recent CU graduation, as many seemed to be college age with parents, though there was also the expected hikers and runners out there).  Took a moment to eat some Chomps on the crowded summit of Green, but did not linger, as it was cold and I had some ground to cover. 

I felt OK on the down and by the time I got to W. Ridge, I felt nice and warmed up and enjoyed the gentle climb, just cruising along at a moderate pace, listening to my bodies cues and enjoying the morning.  Tagged the true summit of Bear and did not skip a beat, straight over to S. Boulder, then back to W. Ridge/Green/Bear, back up the summit of Green and down the way I came.  By now, the summit and trail was a true mob scene, as I had work my way through the mess, all the while trying to not look like a jerk trail runner in a hurry.


Gregory lot 0:00
Green 36:58
W. Ridge/Bear Canyon jct. 46:46
Bear Summit 1:12
S. Boulder 1:22
Bear again 1:32
W. Ridge/Bear Canyon jct. 1:48
4-way 2:01
Green again 2:04:??
Finish Gregory lot 2:28 avg HR 155(176 max)

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