Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday, 05/06/10 PR on Green

As I suspected on Tuesday when I ran Green via Gregory/Ranger in 36:32 at a low HR with the dog, I knew it was time to put in a good run on this route and try to beat my old PR of 35:3? (or something like that, I would have to dig into my records).

I spent the day running errands, cleaning house, laundry, mowing the lawn and clearing the yard of branches from the big wind storm the other day, so it was 4pm or so by the time I finally started and the weather had gone to crap.  I warmed up through Chautauqua, utilized the outhouse and got down to business.  I started off hard but controlled up Gregory Canyon, pushing, but also being careful to not blow it too soon or slip on the sloped rock sections, as the rain was coming down pretty steady.  I made the cabin in 15:03 and mentally shifted gears for the upper section which always seems to hurt a bit worse.

Soon, the steady rain turned to heavy snow and I was happy to be wearing my light windbreaker (though I was completely soaked).  Hit he flat spot on the ridge in 22:53 and was wondering if I could get to the 4-way by 30ish.  I was becoming super cold and contemplated bailing, but knew that if I pressed on, I had a PR in the bag, it was just a question of how much. 

Made the 4-way in 31:23 and was hoping for sub 3 on the final section (have gone 2:23 or so there before), but it was not to be and I hit the top in 34:38.  I was secretly hoping for something in the 33 range, but was stoked for a PR on that route, especially after grunting through the snow there all winter.  It was nice to really roll it.

I spent no time on the summit in the blizzard conditions, just long enough to tag and turn and then headed down Greenman/Saddle/Amphi.  I was cautious through the snow (I punched through bad yesterday) and then hit it pretty hard, mainly to keep warm, but still played it cautious due to the wet and slippery conditions.

Up Gregory/Ranger
Cabin 15:03
4-Way 31:23
Summit 34:38 (avg HR 176/183 max)

Down Greenman/Saddle/Amphi
22:06 (avg HR 155/174 max)


  1. Whatever... you're just trying to psyche out all the non-Boulderans for next Friday. And it's working! I'm thinking about starting a round of EPO and getting a few unnecessary organs removed so I'll be lighter.

  2. JV is the man to beat; no doubt about it.

  3. You were just fast because of the snow. It gives you your power.

  4. Nice job, Jeff. Add in some sun, dry trails and another day of housework and sub-34 is up next.


  5. i came up the back, shitty way yesterday and hit the top just as it started to blizzard, so i must have just missed you. i'm surprised you didn't hear me swearing. i couldn't figure out what was going on with all the people out there hiking...
    anyways, my vote is to do the TT on this route, NOT saddle rock/greenman cause that just sucks way too much.

  6. Wait, wait, what is that I hear? IS that a cry of whimpering from the north of the border?

    You can go up any route you want. I just want to hear of the head to head match versus BF.