Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday, 05/05/10 Green Mountain

I was waffling whether or not I wanted to get out or take a rest day, but I am a sucker for nice, calm (relatively) Spring days, so Green Mountain it was.

Today was the same as yesterday, same route (up Gregory/Ranger and down NE Ridge), with Sierra, except there was no wind and I made it a point (as did Sierra) to just go super easy and make it an active "rest" day.  Today I was careful to keep close tabs on efficiency, HR, foot placement and just keeping HR low and not worry about time.  Made it to the cabin in 18, 4-way in 38, summit in 41:53 (avg. HR 141/max 153).  Took it easy on the down, again cleaning the trail of branches from the recent wind storm and really cleaning up a tree that fell next to the trail.  Down in 31:28 (avg HR 102).

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  1. It continues to somehow bother me that your dog's PR is faster than mine.