Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday, 06/08/10 Green Mountain

Started a bit before 5:30am under cloudy skies.  For just a few minutes going up Amphitheater, the surrounding trees were bathed in a surreal orange glow as the sun strained to peek through a miraculous sliver of clear sky.  I looked East and was wishing that I had my camera and I was on the summit, it was truly magical.

I felt a good bit better today than on Sat/Sun and the percieved effort was MUCH easier than those two days and even yielded a 4+ minute quicker time to the summit.  Guess I was more fatigued than I thought and the day off yesterday did me a world of good.  Went easy on the down which has been my preference for a while (though hugely fun sometimes, there is no real reason to push the down when I am only training for uphill races).

Back at the Gregory lot, there was a guy who seemed to be getting ready on the other side of his car.  He looked familiar, maybe somebody I knew from the Minions?  As I passed I noticed he was wearing a long black smock, maybe a priest (I think he had an open bible in hand?).  Unusual sighting for sure.

Up Amphi/Saddle/Greenman 35:42 @ 161 avg HR
Down "                               " 25:08 @ 125 avg HR

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