Monday, July 5, 2010

Saturday, 07/03/10 S. Boulder Peak and Bear Peak

Since my mom was visiting, I needed to get an early start so I could be back home by ~7:30am or so, as we had plans to meet our friend Rick in Boulder for breakfast at The Original Pancake House. I started from the S. Mesa TH a few minutes after 5:30am and knew immediately that the run was not going to be as quick as I had hoped as my legs felt a little heavy. I plodded along, just giving into it being a mellow run and just enjoyed the scenery. I went up S.Boulder first and hung out for a few minutes enjoying the cool air, calm and quiet of the early morning. I debated Bear, as I was running tight on time, but bumped up my pace a bit heading over there and back, hard to resist when it is so close.


End of Towhee: 14:3X
Mouth of Shadow jct: 21:??
Saddle: 46:??
Summit: 52:28 (avg. HR 150/max 167)
Bear: 1:01:56 (avg. HR 141 to Bear)
Finish: 1:36:24 (avg. HR 136 for the descent)

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