Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday, 07/06/10 Green

Started at Chautauqua, warmed up to the Gregory TH and then hit it hard through Gregory Canyon.  I was feeling great and moving well and was sure I would be close to or ahead of PR today.  My legs were rock solid, but my breathing seemed to be a bit sub-par.  Surprisingly (and a bit to my dismay), the numbers were just not adding up in line with the effort.  Passed the cabin at 15:53, but figured I might be able to rally and still put in a decent time.  I think I got caught up to PR pace for a bit, but then faded near the top (I still felt great, but the watch does not lie).  I tagged the summit and headed down Greenman/Saddle/Amphi and bumped into Kraig K and had a short chat.

Oh well, if there is a silver lining, that is bad days don't ONLY happen on race day, they can happen any other day as well.  No biggie though, it was a good workout and I don't feel the least bit taxed by it, so I'll save it for another day soon.


Ranger Cabin:  15:53
Ranger/Greenman jct.: 19:3x
Flat/Downhill section on ridge:  23:58
4 way: 32:53
Summit: 36:22 (this split mystifies me, as I was running most of it, 100% sure the watch would read 35:xx at the top despite it not being a great run, but the watch seemed to go into hyperdrive in the last few)(avg HR 172/max 181)

Descent: 23:22 (avg HR 145)

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