Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday, 07/13/10 Green Mountain

Up/down Amphi/Saddle/Greenman

I felt much more alert and motivated this morning than yesterday.  Headed to Boulder and got started at 5:30am up Amphitheater.  My pace seemed reasonable, but my time to the first junction was a bit slow and I was hoping I would eventually warm up (which seems to take 20+ minutes at 5:30am).  I pushed a little harder, hoping to "break through" and though I felt a touch better as the run went on, I still felt like I was struggling a bit too much for the not so fast pace I was keeping.  Made the summit in a disappointing 34:50.  2 months ago I was going ~2:10 faster at the same HR, but felt much easier, I feel like I am going backwards a bit.  Hopefully I snap out of it soon.

Up: 34:50 (168 HR/182 max)
Down: 24:53 (142 HR/161 max (even felt crappy on the down, as I had little if any "flow"))

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