Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday, 11/19/10 Green Mountain

Started at 10:30am, up/down Gregory/Ranger.  T-shirt weather again and much of the snow has melted, but the upper sections that were slush yesterday were bullet-proof sheets of ice this morning.  I felt pretty good, passing the cabin in an un-pressed 16 flat and maintained less than a minute off PR pace without pushing, but lost a good chunk skating around below 4-way.  This was also sketchy and slow on the down, not sure if it would have been worth it to carry traction just for that.  I thought so while I was on it.

Up:  37:35
Down:  22:46


  1. I'm usually pleased with myself for not bringing the Yaktraks until that section. Then, for the several minutes you skirt with death on a narrow strip of slick, icy footing, you curse your decision. It's funny how often that lesson is found and forgotten.