Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday, 11/20/10 Green Mountain

Met up with Homie at 6:30am for a trip up Green.  I was again so tired from a sleepless night, that I was seeing a large sun spot most of the way up Gregory, but fortunately it finally wore off and I felt at least half awake.  Went an easy conversational pace and as always it was great to catch up with Homie, as he is one of my favorite trail partners and we always have too much to talk about to fit into one run/hike.  It was also a rare opportunity to get above the clouds, which finally broke above the Ranger cabin.  On the summit, it was so cool to see a sea of clouds butted up against the Front Range and it was relatively clear to the West over the divide, we both were kicking ourselves for leaving behind the camera.

Up Greg/Ranger:  48
Down " ":  27

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  1. JV, started a good hour after you did. The views from above were awesome that morning. I did bring my camera but pretty sure I did a lame job in capturing any cool pics from high above.