Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday, 11/14/10 Green Mountain

Up/Down Gregory/Ranger

Started off at nearly 3pm at a quick, but comfortable pace up Gregory.  Passed the cabin in a surprising 15:38 (surprising, considering the lack of concentrated effort and how effortless it felt).  I knew that my splits would suffer above the cabin, no matter the effort I put in due to the snow and ice, as the trail is nicely packed, but still pretty slick the entire way to the summit.  Microspikes might have been nice just for efficiency sake on the upper half, but it hardly seems worth it at this point to have to mess with them.  I considered screw shoes for the next trip, but the though of scratching around on the bare lower half is even more unappealing.


Cabin: 15:38
Greenman/Ranger: 19:28
Flat spot on ridge: 24:15
4-Way:  33:34
Summit:  36:59

Descent:  22:52

RT:  59:53

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