Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday, 01/03/11 Green Mountain

Went up/down Gregory/Ranger after work.  Left the headlamp behind as I planned to move quickly and gave me added incentive to not dilly dally.  Conditions were about the same as the previous day, just more ice on the lower sections where the slush from the day had frozen and there was still plenty of slip slidy snow on about 50% of the trail.  Where it was packed, I was moving quick and efficiently, but floundered a bit in the loose stuff.  The effort overall was on the high side of moderate, but some sections were easier and others I pushed a little harder.  Same story on the down, some areas required more caution, but other sections were great for really going fast.  Overall a decent run considering the conditions.


Cabin:  16:49
Ranger/Greenman jct.:  20:50
Flat spot on NW ridge:  25:52
4-Way:  35:52
Summit:  39:28

Descent:  22:34

RT:  1:02:02


  1. Your sub 40 pushing it a bit makes me feel better about my moderate 50 plus the day before (on the front).

    Solid descent.