Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday, 01/06/11 Green Mountain

Feeling as though I am falling behind all of my fellow blog buddies (and really needing to get out for some fresh air), I was eager to get up Green Mountain, especially with the temp at the house reading in the 50's (though not really quite that warm). 

With limited time as usual, I decided to round trip the front side.  I gave Brandon a call after seeing his H2 at Chautauqua and he happened to be sitting on the summit, so I told him to look for me coming up the front.  Started off at a mellow jog, debating whether or not the Microspikes were overkill or not, as there was some reasonable packed snow and lots of rocks and dirt showing through.  Bumped into Brandon 14 minutes in, just above the 1st Flatiron jct. and chatted with him for a few minutes and then continued on our respective paths.  Around the time I bumped into Brandon and above, the wind really started to kick up.  Nothing too crazy, but enough to be a bit of a hindrance and chill things off a bit.  The footing was decent overall, but a bit loose in spots and I was not feeling particularly springy, so I just plugged along at a pretty moderate and somewhat relaxed pace.

Spent only long enough on the summit to pull up my hood and zip up my shirt zipper and I was off.  The descent was a mixed bag, really fast where the snow was packed in some spots, but slower where it was loose and or off camber and extra care had to be taken through the rocky sections.  Another great morning to be out on Green.


Top of Amphi:  6:52
1st jct.:  13:4?
Greenman jct.:  20:50
Summit:  37:20

Down:  20:34

RT:  57:54

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  1. You should be glad you went without me. I was pathetic today on the backside.