Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday, 01/22/11 Amelie's First Mountain, Mt. Sanitas

Not to be out done by her younger sister, Amelie finally got her chance for a trip up Sanitas today. We had an excellent time and like her sister, made for an excellent hiking companion.

We left the house a bit before 10am and stopped by Little Mountain kids gear shop and checked out some baby sunglasses, but found they were a bit pricey (especially x 2), so we decided to shop around a bit before we commit. We briefly contemplated Green Mountain, but the wind was worse today than yesterday and also a bit cooler, so the decision to head to Sanitas was a no brainer (3 miles/1,300 vertical with a summit of 6863ft. vs. 5-6 miles/2,400 vertical with a summit of 8144ft. with a lot more snow and exposure to wind).

Homie kindly decided to join us for our semi-casual hike which made for great company. I pushed a little harder than yesterday, but Homie and I were so busy chatting, I was struggling at times to catch my breath and maintain conversation and even bonked a bit toward the summit (I was glad to have packed a GU Roctane along with the Neosure formula). We spent a few moments on the summit, until a quick snow squall moved in and then headed back down at a careful pace.

Even though it was a bit cool and breezy, Amelie did great with very minimal fussing. I just wish I could get them both out there at the same time.

Afterwards, we headed over to the hospital to visit with Mom and the nurses and had some lunch while there. Afterwards, we headed over to Homie’s house to visit with Anya and Mia who have been anxious to see babies (again). All in all a very busy, yet successful day for Amelie. Hopefully this tires her out.


25:?? up
26:?? down

Relaxing on the summit

Heading down

Homie and Amelie back at the lot


  1. Great pictures. I wish I could just fall asleep on a hike like that. Not a care in the world...

    I'm pretty sure I passed Homie on my last trip up Green in December, on one of the top switchbacks (I've never met him in person). He was the only other runner on a blustery, 40-something day and was wearing a baseball cap and shorts, while I was covered in black from head to toe like a ninja Eskimo. I felt a tad overdressed.

  2. So awesome you're exposing the little ones to the outdoors like this!

  3. Thanks guys.

    mtnrunner2, that probably was Homie that you saw on Green lightly dressed which is typical for him. I always feel over dressed around him and typically cover up in black insulated everything in the Winter time (although this Winter has been so mild I too have worn shorts on many/most runs).