Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday, 01/23/11 Sanitas x 2

After hiking Sanitas on Friday and Saturday with Amelie and Isabelle, it gave me a renewed sense of interest, mainly because of the relatively dry trails and the lure of a little bit of sunshine after work.

Headed over for a lap up/down the S. Ridge and resolved to just take it super easy no matter what. I was proud to stick to my plan and kept the effort much lower even than when I hiked with the girls the previous two days, keeping my HR low and making it a point to not over extend my nicely healing Achilles. I just jogged the flatter to less steep sections and hiked the steeper stuff making short steps. Went really easy on the descent as well, but really felt good and wanted to open it up (again, I resisted). Once back down at the shelter, I realized that the run was just too fun and a little too short, so I headed up the valley, then the (much snowier) East side ascent and back down the S. Ridge, again, super easy. I really wanted to get in a 3rd lap, but figured I should probably get home.

Lap 1 (up/dn S.)

21:18 up (156 avg HR)

14:58 dn (127 avg HR)

Lap 2 (up Valley/East, dn S.)

25:46 up (157 avg HR)

15:02 dn (131 avg HR)

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